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The Three Most Important Areas of a Home or Apartment

 In Feng Shui, as in life, certain factors or areas must take priority over others. In Feng Shui, the three most important areas of a home or apartment are:

– the main door
– the kitchen
– the bedroom

If positive energy (chi) collects outside and flows into these spaces, youll bring money and opportunities into your life. If these areas are affected by a lack of chi or negative chi, any other positive changes you make wont have as much of an impact.

This article explores basic ways you can use Feng Shui for these three areas.

Feng Shui your Front Door

The front door represents the way life comes to us — our opportunities and possibilities. It represents the yang dimension of experience. It is important to have a good main door and entrance to allow money, wealth and opportunities to come into your space and life. If the chi or life energy is not able to get into your house to circulate freely, it wont matter much whats going on in other areas within the space.

The main door is the chi mouth of the house. Make sure nothing is repelling, expelling or blocking the chi from entering the house. Additionally, make sure no objects that exude Sha chi (killing chi) point to the front door. This may include a corner of a building from across the street, a t-intersection, an item blocking the door or directly in line with the front door. The question to ask yourself regarding these items is, how far is it from your property.

To evaluate your entrance:

– Stand at the front door and look out. Verify that no trees, lampposts, mailboxes, pillars, planters or other items sit in direct line of the door. These items can impact your ability to take advantage of incoming chi and may negatively impact the health of your household.

– Stand outside your front door and look in. This area directly in front of the property is the Bright Hall (Ming Tang). Chi settles here and collects before the residents receive it. Make sure the chi can collect and circulate. Avoid placing anything here that repels, squeezes or blocks the chi from entering the space. You can learn more about how to Feng Shui your entrance here.

Feng Shui your kitchen

The kitchen specifically, the stove represents our source of food and our ability to gain food through our work and careers. The stove has a great deal to do with our public life, our career, the recognition we receive, and our ability to manifest our goals and dreams. As a result, make sure the top of your stove is clean and all of the burners are working correctly. Use your stove regularly, even if just to boil water for tea. And try to use all of the burners rather than just your favorite burner.

If there is poor chi in the kitchen, this could result in career issues, money difficulties and bad health. Take a moment to look at the distance between your stove and sink if there is a gap of less than two feet between the two, this can create a clash of elements between fire and water.

Feng Shui your bedroom

We spend one-third of our lives in the bedroom. Its a space to heal, rejuvenate and relax, improving our health and vitally. Our bed is energetically connected to each of us. Sleep is a yin condition — that the bed shelters, comforts and enables us to truly rest illustrates its great importance.

When evaluating this space look not only at how the Chi is entering the room, but evaluate where your bed is located in relation to the incoming chi and place the bed in a command position.

Your bedroom should be square or rectangular; this represents stability and makes the room suitable for sleeping. Avoid rooms that are round, L-shaped, triangular, or other odd shapes, as they do not allow a balanced flow of chi. Learn more about how to turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary.

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The Rising Trend Of Apartments For Sale In Colombo City And Why You Should Consider Investing In Such Property

 Growth From Flats In Colombo

Apartments have drastically transformed the way of living in Sri Lanka. Especially in city areas like the capital city of Colombo, several large apartment projects have come up and have now become the most fast selling forms of real estate in the country. A number of apartment units such as apartments for sale in Colombo 5 and Colombo 6 have arisen to cater to the demand for those who want to buy apartment in Colombo 6 and other parts of the city. This trend has also found to spread to other nearby cities, and projects such as apartments for sale in Mount Lavinia have offered alternate solutions to those who look for slightly cheaper options or other reasons associated with personal choice.

In earlier days, flats in Colombo were seen as a budget friendly choice option for those who wanted to live close to a city area. As you can see with the drastically changing skylines of Colombo there has been a very obvious shift from budget housing options to luxury living units. Back in the day, you would be able to buy apartment in Colombo 6 for about 5 to 9 million. But now even these values have increased dramatically but the demand associated has not seen any signs of decline. Now for those who want to purchase apartments for sale in Colombo 5 or even apartments for sale in Mount Lavinia, the prices are much higher and sometimes it would require the potential buyer to pay in advance to even be able to secure a spot in the complex.

The transformation seen in this type of real estate can be attributed to a great deal to the efforts taken by various developers and contractors. At present there are a large number of apartments for sale in Colombo City due to the substantial investments being made by public and private institutions. Apart from that with the use of advance technology and infrastructure, these developments have reshaped luxury living standards and have been completed within very short periods of time. All these have promoted vertical living making more and more wanting to buy apartment in Colombo 6 and other parts of the city.

Investing In Apartments For Sale

Now, with land values soaring in the capital city, apartments for sale in Colombo City and some of those that are still referred to as flats in Colombo have become the most preferred option. This immense popularity among homeowners is often thought to be due to the need to reside close to the city as it is where most of the leading schools in the country are located and other important government and private institutions are also situated. Among the other benefits associated with buying apartments for sale in Colombo 5 or apartments for sale in Mount Lavinia are:

Offering of various luxury living amenities
Ability to purchase a property in prime locations in the island

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Mark Hein is writing about Sri Lanka luxury apartment projects and real estate trends in Colombo, based on his knowledge about Sri Lanka real estate Market.

The Retro Kitchen Design Trend

 These days kitchen dcor comes in all colors, sizes and eras. The newest trend in kitchens today is the retro kitchen design look. Painted cabinets, glass knobs, and vintage linens combined with new appliances that have a retro look can give you a unique and functional kitchen. This kitchen design trend includes everything from chrome and vinyl kitchen tables and chairs to the familar kidney shaped glass coffee tables that were prominent in the 1950's and '60s. The kitchen retro style uses bold colors, shiny chrome, sunny yellow, jadeite green, along with checkerboard floors and vivid patterns. You can find this fascination with the 50s and 60s everywhere. This period is also known as 'mid-century'.

Some reasons for this trend are that people are rejecting the throwaway mentality. They like for things to have a longer shelf life with more endurance and permanence. They want to go back to a time when appliances were built to be serviced and repaired, not immediately replaced. They want appliances to be built to last.

Many kitchen design professionals consider the original mid-century designs to be very good designs, and now a whole new age group is just becoming familiar with them.

Chrome and vinyl dinette sets can fit in perfectly with this 50s nostalgic look, and manufacturers today make these 50s retro kitchen tables in a bistro, booth or regular dinette style.

You can buy 50s retro kitchen tables that are brand new and include such features as chrome frames and vinyl seats and backs with laminate tops. You can select from a wide array of colors for the cushions.

But if you really want a more authentic vintage look, you can buy an actual vintage piece from this time. It is possible to find this furniture in good condition for around $500.00. If you like to restore furniture you can get some 50's furnishing cheaper and fix them up. restoration. You will also find that the colors and styles of the vintage pieces cannot be duplicated.

There are stoves and refrigerators that are new, but look as if they were made in the 50s – in colors such as candy red, flamingo pink and buttercup yellow. These are retro reproductions of 1950s appliances. They look 1950s on the outside but are totally 21st century on the inside. Retro reproductions can make a dramatic design statement without having to sacrifice performance and convenience to get the look of this period.

Or you could consider going with refurbished appliances that are the actual vintage appliance that have been cleaned and rebuilt with some new components.

Of course one major problem with going with refurbished appliances is that you have to sacrifice a few luxuries like the advantages and the ease of a self-cleaning oven, as well as having such features as electronic ignition and sealed burners. However, these features affect the simplicity of cleaning the stove; they have nothing to do with how well the stove cooks. There is one significant perk, however: Most appliance refurbishers are able to offer color matching, thereby giving you a unlimited selection of colors to coordinate with your new kitchen.